Body Treatments

Chocolate Raspberry Sugar Scrub $110  / 60 Min.
Our Chocolate Raspberry Sugar Scrub is an indulgent day spa treatment. You will be immersed in a rich chocolate aroma for your delectable experience at our Bar Harbor spa. First, your entire body will be polished using our custom Chocolate Raspberry Sugar Scrub. After your delicious scrub, your renewed skin will be wrapped in hot towels. You will feel sweetly soothed. To finish your chocolate infused spa treatment, a luxurious body butter will be massaged into your skin. This spa treatment will leave you with a delicious feeling of relaxation before you even leave the table. In addition, you can savor your spa experience with a bar of the finest dark chocolate. 

Deep, Dark Chocolate Body Wrap $120 / 60 Min.

The nourishing and purifying properties of Dead Sea mud is paired with the heavenly aroma of dark chocolate in this fantastic treatment. Orange blossom body spritzer heightens the experience as you are cocooned in chocolate. Finally a luxurious body butter is soothingly massaged into your skin before you leave the table.

Moor Mud Body Wrap $110 / 60 Min.
Our exotic Moor Mud Body Wrap is a day spa treatment straight from the moors of Austria. This day spa treatment at our Bar Harbor spa has many natural healing benefits. Moor mud comes from plant matter deposited into the rich layers of the earth thousands of years ago. As a result, the lush black mud creates a luxury day spa treatment for your entire body. This all natural product has been used for thousands of years. It is often revered for its opulent ability to nourish and heal the skin. 

Spicy Paprika Back Treatment $115 / 60 Min.
Our Spicy Paprika Back Treatment brings a little kick to our Bar Harbor spa. This day spa treatment targets your most hard to reach area: your back. First, we will deeply cleanse your back. Then, you will be treated to a massage using Swedish Massage techniques. The relaxation heats up with our Spicy Hungarian Paprika Peel. This rich mask is applied to your back and sets while you enjoy a luxurious scalp massage. Our spiced spa treatment has multiple benefits for your skin, including hydration and a soothing effect on your senses. When your peppery rejuvenation is complete, we will finish with a smooth, hydrating moisturizer. Not only will you feel relaxed from your spa and massage treatment, but your skin will feel fresh and renewed. 

Organic Lavender Sugar Scrub $105 / 60 min
Nothing is more soothing than the lush aroma of lavender. Our Organic Lavender Sugar Scrub is carefully designed to quiet your mind, body, and soul as you take in the benefits of organic lavender and chamomile. This day spa treatment is perfect for finding peace and letting go of stress and tension. You will soak up the calming qualities of chamomile as we gently exfoliate your body with our Organic Lavender Sugar Scrub. After your exfoliation, your therapist will wrap you in hot towels. Warmth will help you sink deeper into relaxation. Finally, you shower away the sugar scrub and complete your experience with our calming lavender chamomile body butter. Clients will leave this day spa treatment relishing the intense stress relief our Bar Harbor spa provides. 

Hydrotherapy Foot Bath $70 / Couples Hydrotherapy Foot Bath $140
This day spa treatment is the perfect choice for the many hikers, walkers, shoppers, and hard workers that pass through our quaint Maine town. Hydrotherapy Foot Baths in our Bar Har spa offer your busy feet the attention they deserve. Our foot bath service combines hydrotherapy, massage, and sugar. As a result, your feet experience pure bliss while your mind finds calm. First, we use hot and cold alternating baths to stimulate important circulation to your feet. You will then enjoy a delightful foot and lower leg massage. We finish with our exfoliating sugar scrub and a hot towel wrap for ultimate pampering. This day spa treatment is offered as an individual session as well as a couples spa treatment. Clients should allow 45 minutes for this spa treatment.

CBD Relaxing Foot Bath $85 / Couples CBD Relaxing Foot Bath $170

Rest your weary feet in a warm bath of effervescent CBD milk and honey while a warm towel wrap soothes your face and we massage your hands. Then we exfoliate your feet with a lavender CBD sugar scrub and end with a relaxing massage of your feet and lower legs. This treatment takes relaxation to a new level. Enjoy one alone or bring a friend and get them together in our peaceful Bar Harbor spa. 

Coconut Lime Foot Bath $80 / Couples Coconut Lime Foot Bath $160
Treat your feet to a luscious bath of steamy coconut milk and warm river stones with this day spa treatment. Your therapist will provide a hand massage while your feet soak. As a result, you will be able to bask in the full tranquility of your day spa treatment. After your blissful soak, we then polish your feet with our fresh Mojito Sugar Scrub. Warmth will be provided with a hot towel wrap. Finally, your day spa treatment ends with a foot and lower leg massage using our rich coconut-lime body butter. This spa and massage treatment will take you to paradise in our Bar Harbor spa.​

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