Massage Treatments

Swedish Massage  $105 / 60 Min
The Swedish Massage is a client favorite spa massage treatment. Swedish Massage treatment one of the most well-known and practiced massage techniques. Most commonly known as “the gentle massage” the Swedish Massage is a top choice among first timers. Your massage therapist will use soft, flowing strokes to loosen muscles and tension caused by stress. There are multiple benefits to the Swedish Massage including relaxation, stress reduction, muscle relief, and even mood boosting effects! Clients can book their spa massage treatment for 1 or 2 hours.

Deep Tissue Massage $105 / 60 Min
Our Deep Tissue Massage is a spa treatment for clients who enjoy a more intense massage. Deep tissue massages are specific and targeted to muscular tension. Our massage therapists work on relaxing the muscles, ligaments, and tendons that are “knotted” or need attention. Your Deep Tissue Massage will start light and will methodically deepen as your body responds to the pressure. When considering our Swedish Massage vs. our Deep Tissue Massage, customers should consider the level of intensity they seek in their treatment. Clients can book their Deep Tissue Massage for 1 or 2 hours.

Hot Stone Massage $110 / 60 Min
A Hot Stone Massage brings warmth and relaxation to the entire body. During your hot stone massage, your therapist will use professionally heated, body contoured river stones to massage your full body. Swedish Massage techniques are combined with the Hot Stone Massage to work the heat deep into your muscles for ultimate loosening and unwinding. This is a luxury spa massage treatment lasts for 60 minutes. Must be booked in advance so stones have time to heat.


CBD Massage $120 / 60 Min

Discover the relaxing and therapeutic benefits of CBD Massage. CBD has been shown to ease pain in muscles and joints, relieve anxiety and depression, and strengthen the immune system. It is non-intoxicating and non-habit forming. Our skilled therapists will mix a specially formulated organic CBD lotion table side, and you take home what is left from your treatment. Available in 60, 90 or 120 minute sessions.

Couples Massage $210 / 60 Min
Enjoy a relaxing spa massage treatment with someone you love. Couples spa massage treatments can be the perfect way to reconnect or spend quality time together. Additionally, they have even been proven to increase affection. Our Couples Massage is a very popular spa treatment for clients who seek a bonding experience whether they are on vacationing in Bar Harbor, honeymooning, or simply wanting company for their first massage. The Couples Massage option takes place in a large, private room designed for 2 clients. Each partner may choose their favorite massage including couples Deep Tissue Massage, couples Swedish Massage. Couples may also pair their massage of choice with a Hot Stone treatment for an additional $10 per person. Couples can also explore our Couples Package for more advanced pampering.

Sports Massage $105 / 60 Min
The Bar Harbor area is no stranger to athletes of all kinds visiting Acadia National Park for the famous outdoor sporting activities available. We offer our personalized Sports Massage option to accommodate all of our athletic clientele.  To prepare for maximum performance by warming up the muscles and preparing for better mobility through massage, we offer these spa massage treatments pre-event. We also offer post-event Sports Massages to flush the muscles of metabolic waste, which helps alleviate side effects of vigorous exercise. We also recommend maintenance Sports Massages to keep clients conditioned between events to avoid imbalances and injuries. 

Prenatal Massage $105 / 60 Min
We specifically designed our Prenatal Massage to gently soothe your pregnancy discomforts. Our expecting clients can use the Prenatal Massage experience to focus on their wellness through improved lymph and blood circulation, tension relief in joints, and can even alleviate mood due to hormonal changes in the body. The Prenatal Massage treatment at our Bar Harbor spa is targeted to renew and refresh the back, hips, legs, and feet for comfort and rejuvenation. We recommend this spa massage treatment for women at 15 weeks and beyond.

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